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All Season Solar Cleaning and Maintenance

Serving all of the Bay Area with phenomenal solar cleaning that saves you money; we have rapidly become an authority on solar panel cleaning and maintenance. 

We use deionize reverse osmosis filtered water and specialized solar cleaning equipment to ensure your solar panels are spotless, protected and ready to crank out those kilowatts! 

All Season Solar's mission is to reduce the cost of energy for all our clients. It all started from a hobby of the outdoors and the true appreciation of clean energy and how solar panels works. Our Company delivers sustainable and comprehensive integrated energy solutions to help you reduce your cost of energy, Lower your demand charges with proven, cost effective solutions.  Dust, droppings or moss can all reduce the efficiency of your solar operation, so it makes sense to let us give your panels a scheduled clean to keep performance high. All Season Solar utilizes renewable resources to bring maximum benefit to your home or business. Respect and quality is something that we provide to all clients hands down. Our company was built on all the qualities that is very much required in a successful business. 


 We are proud of our reputation for considerate cleaning that not only gives you the results you want, but also eliminates the inconveniences that poor-quality cleaning can bring. Our uniformed employees are all committed to providing the very best service possible.


  • To remove layers of dust and dirt from the modules, simply wash the panel with tap water or DI water. If the module has thick dirt or grime and bird droppings, extensive scrubbing is required. We use profession grade, Mr. Long Arm Pro Curve Solar Panel Cleaning System Kit and Spot free deionizing water treatment system D.I.Rinse Pro 

  • A visual inspection of the modules can then be done to check for defects in the modules such as cracks, chips, de-lamination, fogged glazing, water leaks and discoloration. 

  • The condition of the array mounting frame should also be noted. Items to observe should include the array mounting bolts (e.g. bolt rusting) and checks to ensure that the frame and modules are firmly secured. 


1. Use caution when cleaning PV panels, as the combination of water and electricity may present a shock hazard. to prevent the possibility      of severe personal injury or equipment damage due to electrical shock. 
       A. Check the glass on the panels for exposed wires or cracks and the backing for tears. 

       B. Wear rubber gloves whenever cleaning the panel. 

2. The surface you stand on may become slippery when wet, so use extreme caution. 

3. If working on roof or other areas above ground level, exercise extreme caution and use proper safety fall protection equipment. 

4. Sharp edges may exist on the components. Protective gloves should be worn. 

5. To prevent scratching and damaging the solar panel glass; 
     A. Angle the squeegee properly so only the rubber squeegee blade touches the glass. 
     B. Do not drop anything on the panel surface. 
     C. Avoid cleaning in direct sunlight, Do Not touch or walk on the panels. 
     D. Do not use hard abrasive methods such as scouring powder, steel wool, scrapers blades or other sharp instruments. 
     E. Avoid using power washers, normal pressure is recommended. Do Not use chemicals.

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